Why are Teardrop Banners are so effective?

Teardrop Banners, otherwise known as flying or sharkfin banners, get their name from their teardrop or sharkfin shape. They’re one of the most striking and stylish outdoor or indoor displays for tradeshows, sporting events, retail storefronts, and corporate functions.

What’s more interesting about teardrop banners is their shape which allows them to work just as fine on a blustery day. They’ll silently, but strikingly display your message on a calm day then sway around with the wind when the weather gets squallier to make the display even catchier.

Teardrop banner flags

Why Teardrop banners?

There are lots reasons teardrop banners may be an ideal choice of banners for you. Besides their sturdy structure and shape, teardrop banners are also good for:

Visibility: Teardrop banners are the most conspicuous and striking of all the types of banners you’re likely to find in the market. Place one near your store or any event, and rest assured no one will walk past it without turning their head to read whatever message you have displayed thereon.

Both indoor and outdoor: Teardrop banners are stylish enough to be used both outdoor and indoor. You don’t have to worry about coming up with a different indoor banner. As long as the design you have is eye-catching, the banner can be mounted anywhere, your office included.

Windy day: The teardrop shape is perfectly streamlined. So instead of the banners getting blown over by the wind, they’ll be swiveling stylishly as the wind sweeps by them; no noisy flapping or time-to-time toppling as you’re likely to experience with other types of banners.

Portable: Since the banners come folded nicely in handy carry bags, they’re extremely easy to carry around. Their easy-to-assemble design only takes minutes to set up and get things running.

Their striking appearance: Their shape alone makes them attractive enough. They have smooth curves peppered with striking full color prints that makes them extremely conspicuous.

. – They are durable: Tear drop banners don’t rust. Their banner flags are easy to order and only take seconds to replace. You may want to get different banner flags for different occasions, replace worn out flags or update your graphics. Teardrop banners just make it all easy for you.

. – Size variety: Tear drop bags come in a broad range of sizes. Whether you need a small 2-metre banner or the larger 4-metre banner, there’s always a tear drop banner that snugly meets your needs.


teardrop flag tall

Base options

Whether you’re looking to display your flag up on a mountain, beach, exhibition hall, or busy street, there’s always a flag banner base that caters for your needs. From the wall mounted brackets, soft ground spikes, plastic crew, parasol, and hard surface stands, you got options aplenty.

If you’re looking for feather banner to mount in grass, sand or snow, the ground screw base can be a great buy. For hard surfaces including a concrete pavement, your options stretch from a cross base with a water bag to a parasol or any other hard surface stand you’re likely to come across. All these bases come with carrying bags for easy transit.

That goes without mentioning the bow banner that sports a hard plastic that you could easily fill with water or sand to enhance stability. This banner stand is exceptionally light-weight and hard to topple over when filled with water.

Setting up

Setting up the banners is extremely easy. No additional tool or skill is needed to get things up and running. Just slide the banner into the pole through the pocket. Then fix the pole to the base once done. This should take you less than a minute.

Who can use teardrop banners?

Teardrop banners can be used by anyone with a message to display to the general public. But their portability makes them even more ideal for companies or businesses that attend trade shows.

The banners could also be used as permanent fixtures for retail stores or restaurants that want to advertise the services they offer, their menu, or product catalogue. For other businesses, they can be a good way to create brand awareness or announce upcoming events.

Schools, churches, seminars or weddings could use a teardrop banner to display their flow of events, timetables or rules.

Suffice it to say that teardrop banners can be used almost anywhere to convey any piece of information you have for the general public. What makes them more important is that they’re pretty much more noticeable when compared to the traditional, one-dimension signage people hand on building walls and sides.

small teardrop banner

Printing Options

Teardrop banner flags are printed digitally. This allows for a cost-effective production for any number of banners you’re likely to order.

To maximize the marketing potential, tear drop banners are usually sold with bespoke printed graphics. Afterwards, the color artwork you choose will be silk-screened into a jersey-like material to make the graphics more visible regardless of the weather.

You have two options when it comes to this; first is the single-side printing, which involves printing your graphics on one side of the teardrop banners. And considering the flag is entirely made from lightweight material, the printed graphic can still show on the other side of the banner, though the image shown will be reversed.

The second print option is the double-side printing which lets you print your graphics on both sides of the banners. You could print the same image on both sides or make them different depending on the nature of the message you have.

Teardrop banners have a wider curve at the top that makes them ideal to print larger graphics or carry out a more vibrant branding. They are more effective when produced in multiples, and distributed in a wide range of avenues or set boundaries.

Purchasing the Banners

Teardrop banners can be bought online here at custom teardrop banners or offline depending on your location. And due to the printing process involved, most of these stores have a minimum set of teardrop banners–mostly 10 units–that you can order. Meaning, you can’t order one or fewer pieces that the preset number of banners you are required to order.

If you already own the poles and the base stands, you could purchase printed banner flags separately. But bear in mind that all the ordered flags must have the same graphics. If you have a number of graphics that you want to get printed, you’d be required to order a separate batch for every piece of graphic you have.